Wheeler 50th Reunion Planning Committee

In addition to making many decisions about the Wheeler 50th Reunion, each member of the Planning Committee contributed toward the deposit for the Governor’s Gun Club Banquet Room.

Wheeler 50th Reunion Super Sleuths

The Super Sleuths search for classmates by using Internet applications such as TruthFinder. They sent their research to the Locator Volunteers.

Wheeler 50th Reunion Locator Volunteers

The Locator Volunteers took the information discovered by the Super Sleuths, and directly contacted classmates. If you were contacted by one of these Wildcat Warriors, at the reunion, give them a big thank you for their diligent work.

Wheeler 50th Reunion Other Volunteers

We are so pleased to offer a golf tournament as one of our reunion events. Many thanks to Hal Shaw who not only suggested we hold a tournament, but who also organized the event. Our Artist-in-Residence, Patty Wilson Beck painted the banquet backdrop for making lovely photographs.

Wheeler 50th Reunion Donors

We are very grateful to the following classmates who made donations to our Reunion. One classmate, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a generous donation that paid for the DJ and lights. Other donations went toward the costs of the website and decorations. Thank you to all our classmates who donated so generously.


Buddy Pickle

Carol Hawkins Foltz

Cathy Page Pentz

Chris Price

Dave Stacher

David Dasinger

Dawn Harding Veatch

Debra Bridges Mattingly

Ernie Byrd

Frank Zappia

Ginny Papazian Conover

Greg Maddox

Jackson Dodd

Jim Kelly

John Paxton

Julie Darby Chattin

Keith Baxter

Lynn Miller

Mark Stroup

Patty Haverland

Randy “Randall” Smith

Ronnie Younker

Ruth Jenny

Stacey Dearborn

Steve Wetzel

Todd Nixon